Patients demand 'right to try' experimental treatment

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Proposed law to grant terminally ill patients the freedom to pursue experimental and untested treatments in a last-ditch effort to stave off their deadly diseases.

'Research is hope'

Dr. Lorne Zinman, a neurologist at Sunnybrook, says more people are needed in the work behind the right to try legislation.

Nov 3rd, 2016

Nov 15th, 2016

'Right to try' movement

Patients with terminal illnesses are asking the government for the right to try treatments even if they are unproven. Avis Favaro reports.

Nov 14th, 2016


'I'm a fighter and a go-getter'

Jeffrey Perreault lives with ALS and says the right to try would allow patients to work with doctors for lifesaving experimental treatment.

Nov 14th, 2016


Nov 14th, 2016

Nov 14th, 2016

A growing number of terminally ill patients in Canada are demanding the right to explore every possible treatment option... even if they are unproven. Jeffrey Perreault is a spokesperson for 'Right To Try' and joins us from London Ontario with more.

"Media Advisory" - Canada's Right To Try Act

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334 MP's are urged to acknowledge and support terminally-ill patients, by providing an alternative option to Bill C-14.

'Right to try is a basic human right'

Gino Sissera, an ALS patient, and his father, Gennaro Sissera discuss the challenges of life with ALS and what the government can do to help

Terminally ill patients campaign for 'right to try' treatments

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A group of patients with terminal illnesses is urging MPs to give them the “right to try” unapproved treatments.

Nov 14th, 2016