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'Certificate of Acknowledgement and Support'

***** Email your Member of Parliament and get them to SIGN the 'Certificate of Acknowledgement and Support'. *****

Instructions - Here's what you need to do:

  1. Click here and Download 'Right to Try Act – Attachment' 
  2. ​Find your MPClick here for a complete list of all Federal MP's.  Use the 'tabs' to navigate 'by Province'.
  3. Open attachment 'RTT-E-mail-to-MP-Instructions.docx'  -  Follow the directions provided closely.
  4. Congratulations! You have just emailed your MP. 
  5. Now Call & Confirm that your MP has received the information requesting his/her signature.
  6. Ensure your MP supports your family, by signing the 'Certificate of Acknowledgement and Support'
  7. Submit (scan and e-mail) the 'Certificate of Acknowledgement and Support' with your MP's signature to righttotrycanada@gmail.com 

More details & instructions:

After emailing your MP, we strongly recommend that you call your MP's office asap.  You should ask them the following:

  1. Can you please confirm that you have received the 'Canada's Right To Try' email?. If no, follow the instructions provided and email them a copy asap.  Ask them to confirm receipt with you immediately.  Do not stop until you get their signature of endorsement. Or an official rejection.
  2. Ask to meet with your MP: Coordinate & confirm time to meet. Ask for their signature.  You want and need his/her signature.
  3. If MP can not meet with you, simply ask them to sign the 'Certificate of Acknowledgement and Support' and return to the email address provided and/or your email.
  4. Ask MP when you can expect 'Certificate of Acknowledgement and Support' SIGNED and returned to you? Get a firm date.  Follow-up until you get their signature.  Hold your MP’s accountable!
  5. Share this document with your friends and family, and ask them to repeat the process and e-mail the same and/or other Members of Parliament.

Thank you for do what's required to get your individual MP to sign the 'Certificate of Acknowledgement and Support', demonstrating their support for the Right To Try for Canadians with terminal illnesses.


Please e-mail us your questions at righttotrycanada@gmail.com