Stephanie Cameron-Anctil



Ottawa, Ontario

Terminal Illness - Carcinoid Neuro Endocrine Tumours 

Diagnosed in 2013 at 31 years old. 

My Right To Try:  Hello, I am a 34 year old mother from Ottawa, with terminal cancer.   I want my right to try, so my 2 year old daughter grows up with her mother.  

There is one treatment in clinical trial that help me ( I was given 6 months to live, 2 years ago when my daughter was born). The treatment is working amazingly on me but I was kicked out of the trial because I got pregnant by accident ( despite that I was told I was infertile ). The doctors told me if I was getting an termination of pregnancy there was then NO reason why I couldn't continue the trial. One month after the termination, when I was going to London, ON to receive the treatment, I was told that I had been kicked out anyways.  It was a very traumatic experience ( physically and mentally) . Today, Health Canada has given one option, and that is to die.  

I was a very active women, backcountry skiing in whistler and running ultra marathon were my favourite activities. I am an engineer and was managing a 1.3 billion dollar project in Vancouver at the age of 31, when I was diagnosed. Today, I am now fighting for my life, to gain access to one particular treatment thats works for me.   

Support the 'Right to Try Act'.  Please consider making a donation of $5, $20, $50 or whatever you can.  Your contribution helps cover associated costs to retain representation, travel to meet with MP's, social, online & traditional media communications.  Currently, these costs are being paid by Canadian patients living with a terminal illness.   It is through the help and generosity of people like you that we are able to continue our work. Your compassionate support truly makes a difference!