H. Ginette Petitpas Taylor

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​I am writing to support the Right To Try. I believe that this act responsibly gives the right for Canadian terminally ill patients to access the treatments and/or drugs that could possibly save their lives before it is too late.

Currently terminally ill patients are required to wait until Health Canada approves treatment, a process that takes up to 10 years or more. Terminally ill patients simply don't have the luxury of waiting.  If on the other hand the government clears a path for terminally ill patients to be able to consult with their 'specialist physician', to then have the right to choose for themselves what risk they wish to take while a treatment and/or drug is still being tested, then they may have a chance to live.  Instead of having to leave their own country to access trial treatments/ drugs, they could stay at home and do the same. In many cases people cannot afford to make this choice and in every case they should not be forced to even consider this choice.

The Right To Try Act does not put individuals at risk who are not already at risk.  Their lives are already lost to a terrible terminal disease and we as a government have no right to stand in the way of their right to take back control over their own lives.  Patients who have a terminal illness have a fundamental right to attempt to pursue the preservation of their own lives by accessing all available potential life-saving treatments  Under this law all liability will reside in the hands of the individual where it belongs.  We are not asking to circumvent Health Canada, but rather to work more closely with them, honouring the fact that leading bio technologies are developing treatments which today require a new pathway though our regulatory procedures.  The Right To Try is this new pathway.


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We are asking for support of the Right To Try Act 

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We are asking that you, as a Canadian citizen, to exercise your voice and write Honourable Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor AND / OR Health Canada's Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Supriya Sharma today by completing the forms below.  Please support the Right To Try Act so that all terminally ill patients in Canada can access treatments and/or drugs currently under early phase Health Canada trials, rather than wait the 10 - 15 years it takes for a drug to complete all phase trials.  These patients cannot afford to wait and they have little to lose!  Please help.

By supporting this act you are putting control back into the hands of all terminally ill patients in this country who wish to make their own choice about how to treat the illness they have for which there is no cure.


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Please support the Right To Try Act

Dr. Supriya Sharma